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About Us

        "Khaleezi" the name means Queen. every woman is a queen & we all have different things to offer.

we believe the world will see you the way you see you & treat you the way you treat yourself . that's why khaleezi told you, dress like a queen and feel like a queen. The one who finds clothing as a form of self expression.

           Khaleezi was started after a lot of  hard work , effort, downs & fails so we are bold to face every up & downs & stand-up with pride more over we  started with a heart full of passion & our well-wishers prayer & support.

           Khaleezi is driven by passion for tradition ,crafts & new varieties. We believe in the beauty of designed & handmade products , where every product spells distinct uniqueness of the artisans we work with. We aim to take you on a fashion journey that has story , essence & legacy 

            We understand that style is personal & individual and so is our collections.

At khaleezi we keeps our products classic while paying  great attention on the purity of the fabric used . most of our products are designed by in-house  & passionate workers in India.

             We believe in sustainability and eco friendly  fashion ensuring high quality standards. we sincerely hope you enjoy our product as much as we enjoy bringing them to you. 

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